IGM 300
IGM 300

IGM 300

The IGM 300 Integrated Imaging System is a complete secondary electron/ion detection & imaging system, incorporating a low-noise channeltron-based detector, power-supply with integrated current meter, and Ionoptika’s latest design of scan controller – the RSU 2000. Operating in both positive and negative mode (for electrons/ions respectively), and complete with a comprehensive software package, this is a highly flexible imaging system.

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The IGM 300 Integrated imaging system is a complete secondary electron / ion imaging package, providing beam rastering and scanning capabilities, low-noise detection and amplification, and comprehensive imaging and control software.

System Includes:

  • Channeltron-based secondary electron/ion detector
  • SED power supply
  • Scan controller with integrated frame grabber
  • Scan amplifier
  • Scan controller with integrated frame grabber
  • Imaging & control software


The detector can be mounted onto a vacuum chamber via its NW35CF conflat flange. It has a standard flange to nose length of 146 mm with adjustment over ± 8 mm.
The assembly contains:
  • Electron multiplier design with high gain stability and low noise giving exceptional performance.
  • Compact close-coupled high performance pre-amplifier.

SED Power Supply

The power supply is contained in a 2U high x 19″ chassis and provides all the necessary supplies for the detector and preamplifier.
Digitally controlled analogue filter:
Provides user programmable signal filtering over a wide range of frequencies.
Electron/ion selection
The unit is able to support switching the detector between positive ion and negative electron detection mode, automatically setting the optimum voltage potentials for each mode.

Imaging Interface Software

The imaging interface provides full control for the SED and raster controllers. Slowscan images can be acquired and displayed live on screen at up to 2048 pixels resolution. Other features include:
  • Dither
  • Pixel integration
  • Realtime point to point or X&Y full linescan plots & edge measurement
  • Post processing linescane & edge measurement
  • Image calibration & labelling
  • Low Pass Filtering
  • Current logging facility
The software is designed to run on a PC running Windows. The system connects to the PC via a USB2 interface.

Mounting type:NW35CF
Flange to nose distance:< 146 mm
Detector type:Channeltron
Power requirements110 / 220 Vac (50 / 60 Hz)
OutputUSB / RS232