The Q-OneTM is a state-of-the-art tool for deterministic single ion implantation with nanoscale precision. A completely new design, this powerful FIB enables positioning of single ions with incredible accuracy and unprecedented speed.

Featuring a host of powerful features, the Q-OneTM is the most advanced system for fabrication of quantum devices and advanced materials engineering.

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Rapid, scalable device fabrication

Many orders of magnitude faster than SPM techniques, Q-OneTM can generate an array of millions of accurately positioned atoms in just a fraction of a second.

Nanometre precision

Featuring a 20 nm focused ion beam and piezo-driven stage with 1 nm optical encoders, the Q-OneTM provides the ultimate in precision ion placement.

Implant broad range of elements

The liquid metal ion source and mass-filtered column is capable of selecting and implanting more than 40 different elements. A duoplasmatron source is also available for oxygen and nitrogen doping.

Dual Beam

A high-resolution electron column provides detailed imaging down to 4 nm for in-situ verification and process control.


  • Single Ion Implantation
  • Quantum Device Fabrication & Research
  • Nanomaterial Engineering
  • Photonic systems
  • Memory Devices



Ionoptika Ltd installed the first two instrument of its kind at the Surrey Ion Beam Centre in 2018, as part of the Single Ion Multi-species Positioning at Low Energy (SIMPLE) project. Read more about this exciting project here.


Ionoptika Ltd is delighted that our Q-One system features at the heart of the new PLATFORM FOR NANOSCALE ADVANCED MATERIALS ENGINEERING (P-NAME) at the Henry Royce Institute, Manchester.

Deterministic single ion implantation
25 kV liquid metal ion source
20 nm ion column
Implant a wide range of elements
Nanometre-precision stage
High-resolution electron column
6-inch wafer handling with load-lock