RHEED-no background
RHEED-no background


Reflection High-Energy Electron Deflection System has become popular as an in-situ observation method for crystallization evaluation with the development of thin film crystal growth technology,an electron beam is around 10 to 30 KeV

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-Remote control (HV, emission, focus, XY deflection) included
-RoHS compliant
-With interlock safety mechanism
-Magnetic shield (option) can be added-
Differential exhaust port (option) can be added-
High durability and reliability (Safety)
・ High brightness beam spot
・ Compatible with kSA400 RHEED image / video analysis system
* The appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement. please note that.
Beam spot diameterφ90μm
filamentφ0.1mm tungsten wire hairpin type
WehneltSelf bias type
Convergent lensAir core type electromagnetic lens
Deflection lensToroidal electromagnetic lens
Axis alignment mechanismFilament, Wehnelt alignment
Isolation voltageDC30KV
Allowable leak volume<1.33 × 10 -11 Pa ・ m 3 / sec
Baking temperature<200 ℃
Mounting flangeICF70 (2.75 "OD)
Outer diameterφ100 × 401mm
Acceleration voltage0 to 30KV constant voltage power supply 160μA
ripple 0.03% or less (120μA limit)
Filament power supply0-5V constant voltage power supply 2A (MAX)
ripple 0.05% or less
Deflection lens power supply± 1A constant current power supply ± 1V
ripple 0.05% or less
Convergent lens power supply± 0 to 1.5A constant current power supply 0 to 22V
ripple 0.05% or less
Outer diameter480 x 199 x 500mm (+ cable 100mm)

High performance kSA400 RHEED analysis system The    kSA400 RHEED analysis system is a
   well-designed integrated hardware and software product forevaluating and analyzing crystalline thin film surfaces. 
   Many features of the kSA400 system are impossible with any other product in the world.