RSU 2000
RSU 2000

RSU 2000

The RSU 2000 is a fully integrated beam scanning control package, designed for use in conjunction with ion or electron beam systems for imaging, micromachining and lithography.

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The RSU 200 provides scan outputs for connection to an ion-column or electron-column; these scans can be set to a wide range of frame rates and pixel densities via a PC software interface. Designed for simple integration both with Ionoptika systems and with third party equipment, it can drive up to 3 scan outputs simultaneously, with independent control over offset, gain and rotation for each output.
The unit is built into a 2U 19” chassis and completely computer controlled via a USB2 interface.
The RSU 2000 scan generator communicates with its remote scan amplifier via a 25Mbps isolated digital interface. This eliminates noise pick-up associated with analogue ramp outputs.
Digital I/O for line/frame sync, start/stop frame trigger and pixel clock allow simple interfacing with third party equipment.
Secondary electron image of metal grid
Secondary electron image of 12 μm repeat grid, acquired with the RSU 2000 driving a gold cluster LMIG.

Mounting type:2U 19″ rack-mountable chassis
Power requirements:90 – 260 Vac (50 / 60 Hz)
Number of Channels:Option to add up to 3 channels
Output type:USB