SED 03
SED 03SED 03SED 03

SED 03

The SED 03 is a high-gain channeltron-based system for the detection of secondary electrons or ions, providing an amplified signal suitable for feeding into an image display system.

High gain channeltron detector up to 6 x 107 @ 3 kV
Adjustable detector assembly
Comprehensive software control package

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The system comprises:

  • Secondary electron/iondetector assembly
  • Pre-amplifier
  • Computer controlled power supply and cables


Key features of the detector are:
  • High gain up to 6×107 @ 3 kV ensures maximum detection sensitivity
  • Multiplier has exceptional performance with high-gain stability and low noise
  • Not sensitive to light as is the case with photo-multiplier types
  • Simple procedure for replacement of channeltron
The detector assembly is designed with a small diameter profile enabling the detector to reach into space-restricted areas. It mounts via an NW35CF conflat flange with a standard length of 146 mm, adjustable over ±8 mm. All the detector’s internal components are vacuum compatible to < 1×10-9 torr. A bakeout temperature up to 160°C can be used with the preamplifer removed.


The preamplifier is housed in a compact assembly with a black anodised casing. It is attached directly to the SED to minimise cable connections and maximise signal to noise ratio. The pre-amplifier is easily removed by unscrewing a connector clamp ring. All electrical connections are made via a multipin connector on the rear of the pre-amplifer assembly.
Low noise, high bandwidth amplifiers are incorporated in the design to ensure high amplification across a broad range of frequencies up to TV rate. Control over signal gain and black level are provided via the computer controlled SED power supply.

SED Power Supply

The power supply is contained in a 2U high x 19” chassis. The supply is computer controlled and is designed to interface directly with the secondary electron/ion detector as part of an integrated imaging system.

Digitally controlled analogue filter

Provides user programmable signal filtering over a wide range of frequencies.


Full RS232 computer control with polled monitoring of unit status.

Electron/Ion selection

The unit is able to support switching the detector between positive ion or negative electron detection mode, automatically setting the optimum voltage potentials for each mode.

Slowscan / TV rate

Capable of handling slowscan generated signals up to and including TV rate imaging. Anti-aliasing filters, Black level clamping and a selectable auto gain control are employed to ensure a stable and optimised composite video signal.

Current meter

Intended for measuring sample currents complete with auto ranging and an analogue output monitor for connection to an external meter if required.

Software Control Interface

The control software provides full control for all power supply outputs and includes programmable features.


The SED 03 is complimented by the RSU 2000 raster scanning system.


Mains input:85 – 265 Vac
Vacuum Interlock:Ground link
Sample Current Input:10 pA to 200 μA auto-ranging
Signal Input:75 Ω, 1 V peak-to-peak
Composite Sync Input:TTL
Line Sync:Differential
Frame Sync:Differential
Pixel Clock:Differential


Grid:< 500 V
Detector Front: 500 V / -3700 V
Detector Back:0 V / 3500 V
Pre-amp Rails: 12 Vdc
Scan Amp Rails: 15 Vdc / 5 Vdc / < 220 V
Black Level:0 to 2 V
Current Monitor:2 V f.s.d.
Signal O/P:75 Ω, 0 to 1 V, raw/filtered/composite-selectable
Framegrabber O/P:Sync signals / preamp signal